Citizen Telegraph, Rifle, Colorado, October 28, 1998

 Readers support Amendment 18

 Dear Editor:

 I am writing to encourage your readers to support the Voluntary Term Limits Declaration (Amendment 18).  Amendment 18 would give each candidate for U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate the opportunity to sign a pledge stating they would serve no more than 3 terms in the House or 2 in the Senate.  Then, at the candidate’s request, this information would be placed on the ballot.  But, no matter what the candidate’s position on term limits is, the designation would be strictly voluntary. 

 Why do we need this initiative?  It is very simple.  Three times already this decade Colorado voters have indicated they want term limits for Congress.  In fact there is over 70% voter support of congressional term limits in Colorado.  Yet the courts have continually frustrated the will of Colorado voters by striking down term limits for federal officials.  This leaves us with an odd situation where our Congressmen and Senators are the only elected officials in Colorado without term limits.  Amendment 18 is the best method to achieve what the voters of Colorado what – term limits for Congress.  On November 3rd, Vote Yes on Amendment 18. 


Dennis Polhill,


Colorado Term Limits Coalition