Rockey Mountain News, 1999.

Professional pols will not yield quietly

Regarding Charles Roos’ recent column on term limits:

The vigor with which opponents decry the evils of term limits and declare their death is evidence that proponents are succeeding. A revolutionary change that wrests control of government from elitist, political insiders and restores self-government will not be yielded quietly. We can reasonably expect every tactic to resist the people’s wishes.

The people see through the phony rhetoric, though, and consistently vote for term limits because they know it is right.

The idea that term limits would deny Congress the great contributions of any particular representative is ridiculous. Term limits will magnify and expedite contributions. Under term limits the seniority system ceases. The real-world, real-life experience of people will be integrated into the process of government. The great will ascend and the mediocre will not be able to sit indefinitely in a perk-filled job. Term limits purge a constipated system.

Those who think that we will run out of competent people should contemplate where such thinking will lead them. There are about 260 million Americans who would be thrown out on the street if they ran their homes, their farms and their businesses the way Congress runs the country. A little more of that kind of knowledge and experience in Congress is unlikely to do great harm.

Dennis Polhill Co-Chairman Colo. Term Limits Coalition Golden